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Login before 26 April 2018 to collect the below rewards!


Recover the Morning Star

Adventure into Midgard

Tap to attack Minions, then recruit your legion of Guardians and Servants as you battle across a smorgasbord of worlds including Asgard, Midgard, Niflheim, Plitvice and Eljudnir.

Collect the cutest incarnations of your favorite heroes and beasts from Mythical Lore including Brynhild, Sylphid, Lucifer, Minotaur and Baphomet. Not to mention Combat Androids, Rabbit Butlers, Jelly Penguins and Zombie Raccoons!

Collect & Upgrade Guardians

Tap your way to Victory

  • ADVANCE through thousands of Levels
  • TAP to defeat over 80 cute Monsters & Bosses
  • COLLECT over 60 charming Guardians & Servants
  • EXPLORE 40 Adorable Locations
  • JOIN fun Seasonal Raid Tournaments
  • DISPATCH your Servants on Loot Expeditions
  • RESURRECT to collect Morning Star Fragments

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